As NewsNation expands, so do Stephen Arnold Music’s custom music packages for Nexstar’s upstart cable news network.

The Dallas-based music production company recently debuted new music on the network’s new primetime show, Elizabeth Vargas Reports, as well as on political chat program The Hill. It also produced a sonic rebrand for political analysis series On Balance with Leland Vittert. Prior to that, Stephen Arnold Music produced tracks for promos and IDs as well as branded show packages for NewsNation’s Cuomo, Dan Abrams Live and Banfield.

The debut of Elizabeth Vargas Reports coincides with the launch of NewsNation’s new studios on 42nd Street in New York City. Hosted by Vargas, the show features one-on-one interviews with headline makers and on-the-ground reporting.

“The music is built on a strong network mnemonic to underscore Elizabeth Vargas Report’s position as NewsNation’s news show of record,” says Stephen Arnold Music President Chad Cook in a statement. “The sound is modern, energetic and urgent…delivered with a touch of elegance.”

The Hill, based in Washington and hosted by veteran journalist Vittert, features discussions with politicians, thought leaders and policymakers. Its sonic branding suggests seriousness and balance via a three-note motif carried by an assertive blend of percussion, strings and guitar, according to SAM.

Meanwhile, the updated musical theme for On Balance with Leland Vittert features a string- and bass-driven groove blended with effected electronic and guitar elements.

“We’ve enjoyed a wonderful, collaborative relationship with [NewsNation’s] Jonathan Killian and his creative team,” Cook said in a statement. “We’ve worked together to develop a sonic branding strategy that is consistent across all uses and platforms, with the flexibility to adapt to the network’s diverse programming and on-air talent.”

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